About FARO Webinar Series

This webinar series will take a look into the FARO Construction-BIM product portfolio, showing in detail the varied opportunities and applications for the collection and use of 3D Laser Scan data within a project lifecycle. With sessions suitable for both beginners and advanced users, the series aim is to provide a learning resource for existing customers whilst giving new customers an insight into the added value point clouds that can be brought to their projects.

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Introduction to the FARO Construction-BIM Portfolio

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Advanced Scanning Techniques and Traceable 3D

This webinar session will look in detail at the FARO Focus laser scanner along with various techniques and options for getting the most out of the technology. The session will look at the latest advancements to the FARO Focus system and explain the Traceable 3D concept including real world examples and case studies.

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SCENE 2018 Full Overview and Latest Features

This webinar will be a deep dive into the functionality of FARO SCENE with a full overview of the core features, along with an introduction to the latest developments in the recent 2018 release.

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As Built software Solutions

This webinar will take a detailed look at the FARO As Built software portfolio for both Revit and AutoCAD.The webinar will look at the core features of the software and give example workflows to improve your BIM, Engineering and also 2D traditional deliverables using live demonstrations and tips and tricks.

Recorded Webinar

BuildIT Construction 2018

This webinar will give you an understand of the various workflows for Construction Verification, using FARO’s latest BuildIT Construction 18.5 software. The webinar will focus on how the Traceble 3D workflows can help you avoid costly variations and time penalties by using techniques such as Scan-to-BIM analysis, Beam Camber Analysis, Floor Flatness, Tank Analysis and 4D Analysis.

Recorded Webinar

SCENE Webshare Cloud and SCENE2Go

In a collaborative project environment, fast and reliable data sharing is a critical way for project teams to understand existing site condition and on-going changes. This webinar will give you an overview of FARO’s Webshare Cloud technology to enable interactive sharing of laser scan data along with some of the latest developments with this exciting technology.